VIP services

VIP services

Welcome to the VIP experience of Club Hollywood and Beefeater!
Whether You want to dance the night away, engage in conversation with friends or celebrate a special occasion, there is a table that suits everyone.

VIP table package, 250€

– 10 VIP tickets
– Entrance without a line
– Free cloakroom services
– Escort from entrance to your table via special VIP stairs (absolutely no hassle pushing yourself through the main room)!
– A private table on the balcony of the main room – Beefeater VIP encircles around nearly the entire dance floor!
– Access to the exclusive VIP bar along with both men’s & women’s restrooms and smoking area.
– A bottle of spirits with mixers to share that you can pick out from our menu.

Located on the balcony of the main room, Beefeater VIP encircles around nearly the entire dance floor. This means excellent view to the main room dance floor, stage and DJ booth, so you get a bird’s eye view of all the action and won’t miss a single beat of your favourite DJ set.

Friday and Saturday – 250€

– Up to 10 VIP tickets
– 1L vodka/rum/gin etc. + 2L mixers

* Admittance is at hostess’s discretion
* We reserve the right to deny service to any guest who is clearly intoxicated

Please make your reservation in advance if possible!

For VIP Bookings:

E-mail: or ask for a table in the club.

NB! All bookings must be paid in advance!

*Special events may have an extra fee per table!