Matchmaker 16.02

Martini presents: Matchmaker

For one night Club Hollywood will be the best wingman you’ll ever know.
We’ll be like Barney Stinson with the famous “Have you met Ted”. We’ll be like Ronald Weasley to Harry Potter and as good as Kit to Michael Knight.
We’ll be all about you having the time of your life!

Club Hollywood will get it’s matchmaker mode on and help you get your game on!

Matchmaker says:
Find your matching numbers and get free shots together from any bar!

Whether you come alone or with a punch of friends, an awesome night is guaranteed!

Matchmaking beats by DJ Bad J & DJ Vicky

Pilet 8€ / Klubikaardi omanik 6€
VIP pilet 15€
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Ela kui Hollywoodi staar – broneeri laud ning saad unustamatu Smirnoff VIP elamuse! Paketi hind on 200€ ning see sisaldab kuni 10 VIP piletit ja 1 liitrit kanget alkoholi koos pikendajatega. Ettemaksuta broneeringut hoitakse kuni 01:00

Broneeri laud +372 59 124 200 (E-R 10:00-18:00) või
Vana-Posti 8, Tallinn, Estonia
Doors open: 23.00

veebruar 16 @ 23:00


Vana-Posti 8 Tallinn